Meat, Manure and Money: a multiple benefits of Goat Raising 

Under the Goat Raising Program of SWAN, Guma Thapa of Bhakunday VDC is one of the beneficiaries who received the 1 seed goat of worth NRs 5,000 (Euro-50) in 2012. She shared, "Goat produce babies twice in 18 months time. I have an experience of my goat giving a birth to single, twins and even triplets." She is confident enough to handle household expenses and to support children's education from the income generated by goats.

Members of women group shared that they have sold the goats in a good amount worth up to Nrs 18,000 (Euro - 180). “SWAN had provided 26 goats to “Milijuli Women Group”in 3 phases in 2012 in Bhakunday VDC of Baglung district. In 2014, SWAN again provided 15 goats to the women of same community. Women group were able to raise more goats and handed 27 goats to other members of the community as repayment, which will again be distributed to another member by the group for the sustainability of the program. ,” Says Muna Thapa Magar, Program Assistant of SWAN. She adds, “This women group has set an example in the Baglung district in rearing the goats and enhancing their socio-economic status.”

Dil Maya Thapa says, "The goat raising program of SWAN in my community has changed my life for the better. I am very pleased because I am able now to support my family with the money by selling male goats. For the last 2 years, I have sold 6 male goats and earned NRs 60,000 (600, - Euro). We had a meat of our own goat as well during festivals. Also we use its dung in the field to grow fresh vegetables.”

Apsara Thapa Magar received 1 seed goat in 2012 and so far she had sold 7 male goats and 7 female goats. She had offered male goats to the God as well. Now she is rearing 1 seed goat and 2 male goats in her shed. The biggest amount she earned from selling male goat was NRs 14,000 (Euro – 140). “My livelihood drastically changed within 5 years. For small amount also I had to depend on loan provider in high interest. But now, I easily earn for maintaining the household expense and have savings. It all is because of idea, training and support of SWAN Nepal. I am beyond grateful to SWAN.”

Prem Bahadur Thapa, Gentleman from the same community told me, "The intervention of the goat raising program of SWAN in my community has changed the livelihood status of people in Bhakunday. For the last 1 year, members of women group had earned NRs 2.5 Lakhs (Euro – 2,500) by selling male goats only." He added with smile that women are making meat, manure and money from the goat raising program of SWAN.

Most of the women from the “Milijuli Women Group” are showing interest to goat farming commercially as an income generating source because raising goats has a multiple benefits for the better livelihoods. They said, "it is possible to get quick income from raising goats in a proper way”. Hence they are interested to raise the goats in a larger scale.

In my recent visit, I witnessed the clean shed, healthy goats and self-empowered women in the mountainous Bhakunday of Baglung. I am very impressed with the impact of goat raising program that has uplifted the livelihood of rural community.

By: Prekshya Lamichhane Kunwar, Communication/Documentation Officer, Social Welfare Association of Nepal (SWAN)
Date: 25th January, 2016